Friday, 27 August 2010

It was colonel Mustard with the chandelier in the library

These shoes are a downright disgrace. But oh, do I have a weak spot for them! They were my first high-heeled love way back when I was still loyal to my flats. They were only 30 euros or so at H&M a couple of years ago, and I've gotten great wear out of them. Problem is, now I'm just wishing I hadn't worn them quite that much.
If you think the back is bad, just be glad you haven't seen the toes upclose. You could almost call it shoe abuse. And the really disgusting part? I just wore them to work. Oh. Yes. I. Did. The good news? Nobody noticed. My shoes are usually so outrageous, my colleagues don't even give a pair of simple yellow shoes a second glance.
I've been looking for worthy replacements for a while now, and the very simple silhouette is quite easy to find, the gorgeous mustardy shade unfortunately is not. And so the quest continues ...

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