Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Out of control

I have been a bad little shopper lately. Ever since I discovered Ebay, I have been buying some (most of all BNWT) clothes there. On top of what I bought in the sales at Asos and Dorothy Perkins. A little impression of my hauls (even if this isn't everything). Look closely and you'll see some Anglomania action (of course I wasn't going to resist the fuchsia) and some Miu Miu lookalikes.

Not included? Everything that's already in the wash (such as the tribal mini I wore last weekend) and everything that still needs to arrive. I'll need to go to the post on Saturday morning to pick up a pair of light blue suede heels, a leopard print faux fur jacket with 3/4 sleeves (that I'm sure I'll love, but not completely sure of whether or not I'll dare wear it outside of my bedroom), a hot pink mac (hubba!) and a gorgeous striped grey skirt.
I can't wait to show you my new bags 'n shoes skirt that I got from Pink Haired Princess and what I lovingly call my Amish skirt (because of the scenery of carts and stuff). But you just know that I really can't wait to combine these two gorgeous prints.

Not tomorrow though. I am going to give speeddating a try, so I'll probably go for a slightly more conservative look than flamingos and swallows. But just slightly.

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