Monday, 24 January 2011

All wrapped up with a bow on top

Some shoes are harder to wear than others, and they end up left unworn in the back of your closet. When you keep buying that same particular style that you never wear, that little collection in the back of your closet has nothing to do but grow. Out of proportion. My overindulged weakness? Peep toes. To be more exact: evening style peep toes. I own a couple of satin versions (almost impossible to wear) in all kinds of colours, I own sparkly pairs, and they have never even seen the daylight. You catch my drift.
The fact that I'm aware of that problem growing in my shoe collection is exactly the reason why I'm not buying these Ted Baker pumps. They are everything I shouldn't be buying: satin, pink (I must own about 8 pairs of pink shoes by now) and peep toe. But oh, how I love the oversized red bow. And how I could show them off at weddings and fancy parties. Just one problem: I hardly ever have such events to attend. So unless all my friends start planning weddings, I (and my shoes) am doomed. If you have just the occasion for these though, you can buy them at Asos for €103.


  1. I totally agreed with you when I read your post... I have so many shoes I never wore and I swear I plan to wear them this year... anyway, peeptoes would have the same effect to me, and that is why I never buy them...

  2. Wow, these are so beautiful!