Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Shoe challenge #37: Follow the yellow brick road

Top and tights (New Look), skirt
(Liquorish) and shoes (Kurt Geiger)
This is the outfit I had in mind for the start of the shoeper challenge on Monday. I thought Valentine's Day asked for a red theme, and these glorious sparkly shoes were the obvious choice. I tried to follow the theme of the skirt, which could be combined perfectly with bright blue as well. I especially love the fact that there were bows all over this outfit: the top has a little bow on the side which doesn't really show in the photos, and the skirt and of course the shoes feature bows as well. And you know how I feel about bows...

But, the shoes. It's all about the shoes. These were one of my more crazy purchases, and I call them my Dorothy shoes (Wizard of Oz), but I have already gotten a lot more wear out of them than I would've thought. We all know shoes like these risk ending up in the back of the closet, never worn. So sad. Shoes deserve better, we need to be more risky in our shoe choices!

So why not wear them to work, I thought? Which I did. And even if these earn me a lot of weird looks everywhere I go, I do get a lot of compliments about them as well.


  1. These are gorgeous shoes! I'd probably wear them to work too, as they're too pretty to leave in the closet and they deserve to be worn as much as possible!

  2. I've been so tempted to buy these since they went on sale - so gorgeous!

  3. Great outfit and shoes! That skirt is adorable, especially with the shoes.

  4. :O you're so lucky, I really want those shoes.