Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Shoe challenge #40: Brown buttons

Jeans (H&M), top and boots (random
shop whose name I can't remember)
Almost halfway. Actually, I'm considering a few pairs of shoes that I could live without, so if I do get rid of them, I might already be halfway! Always the optimist, that's me. Even if I'm not that optimistic today, since I have a terrible cold and my head feels like it's filled up to the brim with cotton balls. And not the fluffy kind. No, the kind with pins and needles in them. What? You've never felt spiked cotton balls? (Don't be deceived by the smiling picture, it was taking on Monday)

I got these ankle boots years ago on a random shopping trip, and for a while I did wear them to shreds. Even more than I expected, because since I haven't actually worn them in at least two years, I had no idea of the state they're in. And let me tell you, they don't have many months left in them.

Luckily I usually wear them with trousers or jeans, since they are falling to pieces in the back. They are not real leather and unfortunately the upper layer of fake leather is starting to peel off. Damn. I hate to see shoes die.


  1. i like the little button detail on these!

  2. Faux leather shoes are great for those rainy days. I say wear them to the ground, they're cute!


  3. That's a shame they're dying, they're very cute. :)

  4. Ooh they are very Victorian looking. I hate when shoes die :o(

  5. I love shoes (especially boots) with a button on them. Sad to read these are dying :(