Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Vibrant colours AND platforms at Asos

I could easily resist New Look's take on the colour block trend, courtesy of the relatively low heels, but these Asos platforms won't prove to be as easy, I suspect. They have a rather posh feel to them, and we've seen this style with countless designers this past year. I'm less crazy about these colours (although I could totally fall for the green, the grey doesn't float my boat and I own a similar style as the blue), but all the crazier about the shape.
Just the way I like it: a simple, elegant style with a pop of colour. €72. Get them here.


  1. i can't decide - i think i need the blue and the green..i'd get the others mucky :(

  2. I don't want the platforms! You know, there are woman who are real and alive AND tall who like to wear heels and don't need the platform! Shoe designers, please understand that! :-)

  3. All the same there are women who are only 1m60 and love heels with platforms. Luckily they understand that too. :p

    In this case, I like the colours of the New Look shoes better anyway, so that's in your advantage!

  4. They remind me of Steve Madden, I'm DRYING to get my hands on the green, blue.... I wish there was a yellow too.