Sunday, 10 April 2011

In with the new, out with the old

Today I went on a well deserved shopping trip to Antwerp, and even if I hardly bought anything, at least it was succesful, because I'm very pleased with the few things I did buy. I had high hopes for River Island and New Look, but no peanuts. I had been especially hoping for these floral wedges and these lilac studded pumps, but no such luck. Damnit. I did find these, on sale even (€30) but I decided against them because they were a bit too big and thus not too comfy, even if they were very pretty.
Things I got: a very bright orange flowery full mini, a turkoise cardigan and those gorgeous black pumps I've been lusting after, all Zara. True, they are Stella McCartney knock-offs, but there still sooooo sexy and perfect. Designer beauty for €80, got to love it.

Now fair is fair, I did get rid of a pair of shoes, to make room for these ones. But I did cheat, just the tiniest bit. When I had first bought these leopard print ballet flats, I quickly realised how much I loved them. And that since they have fabric uppers, they would get ruined quite quickly. So I bought a second pair, as soon as the Asos sales set off. It wasn't until I put both pairs together, that I could see how much wear I got out of the first ones. Good thing I have a backup. Smart thinking, huh?

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