Monday, 16 May 2011

Shoe challenge #55: A love affair

Dress (Dorothy Perkins)
and shoes (Kurt Geiger)
I don't believe I ever told you about my favourite shoes, did I? Well, here they are, so hang on for a story. Readers, meet Kurt Geiger's Belle. I first fell in love with them while I was on an outing in Brighton (where I was to interview James Morrison later that day, dude, is that guy HOT irl), not even recognising the KG label. Girls, was I a shoe virgin back then!

What I did know though, was that those shoes were coming home with me. They were the perfect height, a bit higher than what I was used to at that time, but not too high to be (entirely) uncomfortable. To top that off, their colour matched my skintone perfectly (which we all know makes your legs look endless) and I just couldn't resist the cute bows. These shoes match every piece in my wardrobe. And they were on sale. Woop woop!
Long story short, I bought them for about £45 (originally £85) and wore them silly. So this is where my little white lie comes in. Those shoes on my feet? Aren't exactly the shoes I'm talking about. Let's take a look shall we?

Spot the seven differences! No really, my originals are completely worn down. I've walked miles and miles in them (yes, they are that comfortable), danced and danced at parties and basically they have been my go to shoes for years, knowing that they fit wonderfully and go with everything. I think this photo (new ones to the left, obv) says it all really:

To me it was only logical to chase them down on eBay and I actually didn't even have to wait very long for a pair of 4's to pop up. I think I got them for about £34 (I got lured into a bidding war with someone else, but I conquered!), but to be honest, I think I would have paid the original £85 for them. Obviously I'm still going to hang onto the old ones, they can be the party version. I would cry if the second pair got ruined.


  1. they are gorgeous! Cute dress too :)

  2. i've done this too, and i still wear the old ones and keep the perfect pair for 'best' :S glad to see i'm not the only one tho! :)

  3. I love this story-and they are very cute shoes!

  4. I have the same pair!!! I bought in 2009 for £50 in Colchester! They are lovely!