Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Shoe challenge #57: Fuchsia silk and black snake

Can I just start by saying how much I loved this outfit today? I felt elegant and professional, by still being me. I wish I'd had a business meeting today, but sadly, I sat at my desk all day. While trotting to work I could imagine myself as the CEO of some cool company, me calling the shots and having fancy business lunches. Oh well, who knows, maybe some day at least I'll get to the lunches, ha!

Anyway, I know I should really be focusing on saving more of my older, beloved pairs, but I couldn't resist wearing these already. Initially I had my eye on these, but then they sold out. And then I had my eye on these, and then they sold out as well. And then, magically, one pair reappeared on the New Look website. In a size 5. Obviously it was faith, so I quickly knicked that magical pair.

They have an extremely subtle snakeskin texture to them, with a matte shimmer, which makes them the perfect shade of deep black. I've been getting looks for their height the entire day, I even got a 'wow' out of my colleague, which actually hardly ever happens any more these days... Safe to say I was pleased...

Top (Monsoon), skirt (H&M), belt (Asos) and shoes (New Look)


  1. WOW, amazing heights!!! dizzy just looking at them :) you can't beat a pair of black sexy stilettos that's for sure. Great that you saved them via the challenge xxxx

  2. I loved the whole outfit, I really liked the blouse (and color!) The shoes are also amazing!