Monday, 27 June 2011

Shoe challenge #61: Golden eye

These. Are. So. 80s. Well, they remind me of the eighties at least, somehow I can totally see my mom (with a bad perm of course) wearing them in the past. I love the kitsch-factor of the gold uppers. But, that said, they are pretty comfortable. And perfect for the sunny weather we had today. (thunderstorm coming tomorrow though, damnit) I wore this dress with a pink cardigan for modesty reasons, and I was practically boiling on the train.

I'm in the middle of the very daring task of packing for Vienna, which is a nightmare. We're flying with Ryanair, which means we can only take carry-on, so I probably won't be doing any shoe challengers there. Bummer. On top of that, it's really unsure what kind of weather we'll be having. Extra bummer. I hope I'll manage, cross your fingers!

Dress (New Look), belt (Asos) and shoes (Carlos Santana - part of the profits go to charity)

1 comment:

  1. If they are 80s then count me in! I'm not one for 80s fashion, but I think I'd be ok with this small allusion to that decade.

    Also that dress is just perfect for all that hot weather you ladies are having. I'm over in New Zealand all rugged up and green with envy!