Monday, 25 July 2011

Iris Van Herpen x United Nude: revisited

I must admit honestly that when I first saw these shoes by Dutch designer Iris Van Herpen (in collaboration with United Nude, who have brought us the Eamz pump) I wasn't very enthusiastic about her esthetic. Not only do they closely resemble McQueen's Armadillo boots in spirit, they're just as ugly as well. (of course Gaga loves them) These however, I loved at first sight, even if I'm not quite sure why. I especially adore the black leather version with the little chains, but I'd happily wear the white pair with the laces as well.

That said, I am crazy about (most of) her clothing designs for haute couture week in Paris (video of the runway, see the shoes in action!). One of my friends worked on one of the pieces with her, it was actually 3D printed, so cool! Now, anyone have €850 to spare for those shoes?

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