Sunday, 14 August 2011

Shoe challenge #81: Icecream

As you can tell I have so little time left to finish this challenge, that I can't exactly be picky about the pictures. These were taken Thursday night after a long day at work and a long date, so obviously they weren't exactly gorgeous. I was happy with the outfit though, and I even received a couple of compliments about my somewhat crazy colour combinations.

These black peeptoes were bought as replacements for another worn out pair that is now long gone, but the weather hasn't really qualified for bare toes. We had two relatively sunny days this week though, so I jumped on the chance. Simple as they may be, they have some very elegant ruffly satin detail on the toe, which sets these apart from a plain pair. Perfect shoes to show off my baby pink toesies.

Skinnies and cardigan (Zara), top (H&M), watch (LTC) and shoes (New Look).

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