Thursday, 3 November 2011

Come to mama!

Hola shoe lovers! It's been quite a while, yes, I know. Too long, in fact. I have some serious catching up to do with my recent shoe purchases, so I'm thinking about doing some outfit shots just for whenever I'm wearing a new pair of shoes you haven't seen already. Not the easiest thing to do though, because the slightly warm days are quickly wearing off now that it's officially Autumn.
One should be carefully considering which shoes to buy, which I obviously never do because Summer shoes are that much cheaper in wintertime. And then you (I) end up waiting six months to be able to actually wear them. Damn those sneaky bastards! Anyway, back to business with this shoe blog, and this is why:

Aren't they grand? I've been lusting after them for a really really long time now, but I never dared to take the plunge. These Sam Edelman Lorissas aren't the most expensive shoes around, but at $200 they are not exactly cheap either. And I have heard horror stories about the studs and the diamonds being not too sturdy and even about shoes arriving with some of the embellishments already missing! But, dear blog friends, I finally took the leap of faith, and I ordered them. But. But! I did manage to be somewhat sensible about it.

Which is why I settled on this black leather version. I thought I'd probably get more wear out of a waterproof version, that can easily be worn with tights and combined with pretty much anything in my wardrobe, and will be a bit more timeless anyway. I'm the biggest fan of suede there is, especially when it comes in bold colours, but I also know that I'm too careful with my suede shoes anyway, in fear of getting them dirty or ruined. I was loving the nude as well, but again, the black leather is more versatile, especially with cold weather coming up soon. But, come the holidays (when I get my bonus) there's a big chance I won't say no to their halfsister the Lorna:

(For this style, I'd definitely go for the nude, as it brings out the studs on the bow much better than on the black or the leopard version)

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