Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Dressember - the 6th

I present to you: yesterday's outfit. Today, I wore nothing. Well, my pyjamas and my robe, as I called in sick because of a massive headache that has been torturing me for two days already. I'm crossing my fingers I'll finally feel better tomorrow, but it's especially in the mornings that it hits the hardest.
Let's talk about the outfit. Both the dress and the shoes are recent purchases, and especially the dress already has a very positive cost-per-wear ratio. It's a little bit shorter than I'm used to, but luckily it's a winter dress that will get worn only with tights. It's a wooly fabric, very warm and has a tiny herringbone motif, just like the shoes. Added bonus: it doesn't need any ironing. The shoes on the other hand are a little bit weird: the left one is very tight, while the right one is very roomy. My feet tend to differ about a 1/2 size, but these seem to differ at least a whole size. I've checked and dubbelchecked to see if they're both a size 4, which they are, so it remains a mystery...
To break up the greyness, I added pink. Neon pink to be exact. Why? Because I can. I don't need any reason to wear pink.

Dress: Dorothy Perkins (yet again) - belt: Asos - tights: H&M - shoes: Kurt Geiger.


  1. What an adorable outfit! I'm just now getting into colored tights, I bought a purple pair and I love them!

  2. This is a gorgeous outfit ♥ I love those shoes!

    Sarah ^.^