Thursday, 22 December 2011

In shoe paradise...

Warning: I think I overdid it with the photos...

So. With the national strike going on, I'm working from home today. Which was very convenient, as the furniture store was coming to replace my cabinet, since the last one was faulty. It was also very convenient as I had some errands to run: cobbler, book store, post office! Post. Office. (that was, thank God, open despite the strike) Post office = packages!

Usually for me, that means packages full of shoes! I had been waiting for weeks for my Black Friday purchases, but finally they've arrived safely into my arms!

Even in the box I could already see that the golden Lornas are spectacular. They're truly magnificent, I still can't take my eyes off them. I didn't expect to like them better than my nude ones, but these are striking and I'm so glad I decided to buy them as well. The classic shape, the studded bow, the beautiful metallic uppers... Nothing less than perfection.

The Jeffrey Campbells, I wasn't immediately sure about. The uppers are more textured than I expected them to, more of a canvas fabric than something softer. I also feel the cross straps might be a bit too wide for such a narrow toe, but I've been wearing them on my feet for an hour now, and I feel like I'm already coming to my senses. Pfew!

And now I'll try to resist. Every. Shoe. That crosses my path. (I am so happy that none of the shoes I wanted are included in the Schuh sales, or I would've been very weak. Again.)

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  1. Mweih! Postkantoor hier was ook open, maar de andere postmannetjes hadden hun pakketten niet doorgestuurd, wegens staking! Stom hoor! Geniet ervan!