Friday, 6 January 2012

Jeffrey Campbell LOVE

Jeffrey Campbell's designs are not everyone's cup of tea, I realize that. And as much as I love the JC pairs that I do own, it's very often hit and miss with his designs. I myself am one of that rare breed of shoe bloggers that dislike the (in my opinion) heavily overrated Litas, but I feel that lately he has been knocking it out of the ballpark. A little peek at the 'new in' section on Solestruck made me giddy, even.
I think the above shoes will probably be the most controversial, but I dig them. I've actually quite loved the regular Nightwalk since they came out, especially in black suede, and I may love this pimped out version even more. These feature rows of nails along the back, and are appropriately called Night Nail. There's also a slightly heavier version with screws called Nightware. They're $200, but unfortunately I wouldn't know where to wear them anyway. If anyone has these though, please let us know in the comments if they are walkable. Sharing is caring!

I'm also loving this summer version called Str8up, especially with the wooden wedge, and at $150 they are less of an investment than the Nightwalks.

There are also some more feminine designs, such as this Day2 (above - $155) and Sabine (below - $125) sandals. I adore the curvy heel on the first and the minimalism and the pink colour of the latter.

I can even appreciate Danger, an edgier version of Day2, although I wish the spikes were smaller. If you're feeling a little S&M chick, they can be yours for $150, and you'll be sure to turn some heads.

I guess you can't learn an old dog new tricks  after all...


  1. I can only imagine a lady wearing a rockers-like jacket and pants to match, with the Night Nail and the Danger. I mean, it would even out the metal on all fronts, even feet :P

    Nonetheless, I'm investing in some Night Walks and Str8ups :)

  2. I love JCs! And yes, his heel-less shoes are all very walkable! :]