Thursday, 12 January 2012

Pick nick

I wasn't too keen on the last Miu Miu shoe collection, with the tapered and curved and glittery heels. It looked like they had tried too hard. These though, seem practically effortless. It's a much more sophisticated shape than what I usually favour, but they still seem youthful enough to me. (were it not for that pesky price tag, that is) I think the pointy toe works well on this shoe, and I adore the little bow tie on the slingback. Beautiful height as well.

The checkered uppers slightly remind me of a pick nick cloth, and that's exactly what I'd wear them to: a pick nick in the park. In my mind I see myself frolicking through green meadows while wearing these on my feet. I'd probably combine them with a crisp white summer dress or something. Just to give you an idea:

If you'd like to spend € 497 on these Miu Miu's (or on the fuchsia version), you can pre-order them at Nordstrom.

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