Monday, 13 February 2012

Demon donkey

These have been taunting me like crazy. I've been pining after them for a couple of months now, but have either always bought other shoes, or have stopped buying shoes altogether. I'm pretty sure these will end up in my collection though, as they're pretty high on the wish list by now (together with these pretties).
I adore these Iron Fist platforms most because of their whimsy: the glitter on the toe, bow and heel, paired with the fun print of demon unicorns, ice cream, cupcakes and owls. Also: they're pink. And they sparkle. What more does a girl need?
I've no idea what I'd wear these with, but I guess that wouldn't last long if I had these in my greedy greedy little hands... If you can't live without them, you can get your own pair for £58.

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