Sunday, 4 March 2012

Outfit: Zebra

Words can't describe how much I love these shoes. They are real showstoppers, and I'm so happy I hunted them down on eBay. I think they work great with solid colours, like this pink dress. I like to put the zebras in the spotlight alright, but not so much that I'm willing to wear an all black outfit with them.  Where's the challenge in that, right?

I wore this outfit to work on Friday, and I even felt brave enough to work the three belt thing. I actually like how it looks, like one big multicoloured obi belt, and I got more than one compliment about it.

Shoeperwoman Amber is starting a new Shoe challenge soon, and personally, I can't wait. I feel like I've been really lazy with my shoes and outfits lately. Time to shake things up again!

Dress & purple belt: Dorothy Perkins - other belts: Asos - shoes: Topshop.

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