Monday, 2 April 2012

Asos see, Asos do

I only needed a glance at these Asos Harlot sandals to know they reminded me of something else. These Carvela shoes, to be more precise. They have a single strap instead of two, and the ankle strap is placed differently as well, but I still think that there are too many similarities for them to be a coincidence. It doesn't help that both shoes are available in similar colour ways as well, namely a neutral grey or pink, and a blue version.

What bothers me the most though, is the price of the Asos pair. I have seen Asos grow increasingly expensive, and these shoes (although there isn't much to them) are no exception. They are just under €100, while the Carvela pair is currently on sale for €120 (only the blush).

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