Friday, 25 May 2012

Lady mama

These are pretty awesome. If they weren't slightly over my budget at the moment, they would've already been on my feet right now. Also, I love the name. Personally, I have no idea who "Chloe" from CJG is, presumably someone British, but I do think she draws a nice shoe. Because of the black, these look so understated, while in fact the amount of detail is amazing.

I can totally see myself rocking out in these with some bright coloured tights to show through the slits, and the crystals make these very nighttime, which I like. That doesn't mean that I wouldn't dare pair them up with a white summerdress as well, because you just know that I would. If you're luckier than me and have £175 lying around that you don't have to spend on an iPod and new running shoes (the worst kind of shoes to spend money on), go here to grab a pair.

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