Friday, 4 May 2012

Shoe challenge #8: Hot pink+leopard

Most women try to tone down leopard print with neutral colours like black, but personally I love to pair it with bright colours, especially red and hot pink. If I'm wearing leopard print, people better take notice! Strictly speaking though, this isn't even leopard print. Up close it looks more like cigarette burns, with black in the middle of the spot and brown around the edges. Oh, I love this skirt, it has depth!

The photos don't do the colours of this cardigan justice, it is actually so bright it might burn your eyes, and because of the black tights you hardly see the shoes either. They're the infamous Polly's from Miss Selfridge, which quickly sold out in all colours, but I snagged them on eBay in not one, not two, but three different colours: black, red and grey polka dot. (I already saved the red pair here)
They have a gorgeous pink sole and they are very comfortable, although my colleagues usually complain whenever I wear them because they make quite a bit of noise when I stomp through the hallway. (I'm a fast walker) Out on the street they do tend to get a lot of compliments though.

Now only the grey polka dotted pair needs saving, but I find those ones rather hard to work into an outfit. Time to get thinking!

(I only now realized that I wore these with the exact same skirt last year. D'oh!)

Skirt Zara/T-shirt H&M/cardigan Mango/shoes Miss Selfridge

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