Thursday, 10 May 2012


I thought I'd open with a shot of the most distinct feature of this shoe, which isn't, as one would expect, the neon pink colour, but the striking industrial heel. It struck my fancy the second I saw the back of this otherwise also rather fetching sandal. In fact, I want these. Like, desperately want them.

The problem is, I'm not completely comfortable with such an open shoe (and such exposure of my not so nice feet) and I'm not totally sure about the pointy toe either, so I really want to try these on before I commit to buying (ordering) them. Especially since at €80, they're not exactly cheap. So a trip to my local Zara is in order, but what do I do if they don't have them? Should I take the plunge and order them anyway? Dilemma!

*editted to add* I did swing by Zara yesterday to try these on, and even though they were relatively comfy and very pretty irl, I decided against buying them. I just don't see me getting enough use out of them. This is Belgium after all, with typically rainy weather, and that is a very naked shoe. I am wishing Zara will go for a nice pump or a cute bootie with this kind of heel though...

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