Saturday, 28 July 2012

Shoe challenge #38: Silver wings

I love Brussels. Unfortunately, the boyfriend doesn't. So we took a little day trip to get him more acquainted with one of my favourite cities in the world. Turns out, today wasn't all that bad. Brussels wasn't all that bad! We had a little walk around, enjoyed some modern art, a couple of drinks, a round of yummie yummie sushi (for me, he had noodles) and finally met up with some friends from university before we took the train back home. We did a lot of walking and the temperatures were smoldering, so I wore a breezy dress and my trusty 'India' shoes. Bought them for €1,5 or so, and after almost three years, they're still doing the job! This photo was taken at one of my favourite places in Brussels, and now he loves the view there as well...

Dress some boutique in Istanbul (seen here) / shoes Mumbai, India (seen here)

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