Friday, 17 August 2012

Biggest. Haul. Ever.

Dorothy Perkins, New Look, Amazon... It seemed like they all had packages to get to me this week! Or maybe that's because I went a little shopping crazy. Because I also seem to have gone a little overboard in H&M a couple of days ago. So I thought I'd whip together a little haul post with all the new things that will soon be appearing in my shoe challenges.
First up, H&M. I was actually on my way to the cobbler's, who turned to be on his annual vacation, so I walked into H&M thinking I needed some new basics. Two black tank tops (which I wear all the time underneath all too revealing dresses, as they offer more "support" than a cami), a heart print tank, plus a black and a white plain T. The extras I ended up with: a pair of mint skinny jeans (I'm a slave to fashion!) and a chartreuse embellished shirt.

I had all three dresses in my browser favourites for a couple of weeks, when suddenly I noticed that all three were marked down. At the same time. You see how choosing was not an option. Especially not since they all came with little belts. Among which this pretty pink one. They're the same style as this one, so I'm sure I'll get tons of wear out of them. After they get a good ironing, that is.

Also: these pony hair leopard print ballet flats. Real leather and also reduced in price, so again no hesitation on my part. They do make my second pair of leopard print ballet flats, but I'm guessing the other ones, which are satin, won't last forever.

I also got a huge package from New Look, which included this amazing turquoise skirt from Red Label, a purple cardigan, a striped T (I just love the chiffon bow!), a striped sheer shirt and a black peplum top. With bonus belt!

I finally decided to get myself a black petticoat for my Hell Bunny dresses as well, but it is very wrinkled and will make its appearance soon the way it should be: underneath said dresses. I will show you la pièce de résistance though: my new polkadot peep toes from Not Rated. I'm loving the effect of the grey polka dots and the neon yellow platform and heel, as well as the embellishment on the toe, just as I did when I first laid eyes on them a couple of weeks ago. I figured I deserved them, since my order with Boohoo fell through. I was seriously bummed out by that, but that's a different story.

And now, the challenge of transforming all this stuff into outfits! En garde!


  1. Awww, I am more and more tempted by these shoes! What fab haul photos!