Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Casadei score

You guys, you need to get your butt over to the Javari sale, STAT! The discounts are fab and the stock is even fabber. After I received the newsletter announcing the sale, I had already filled my virtual basket with a pair of Steve Maddens, two pairs of Rocket Dog and some Head over Heels peep toes. It added up to about £80. Yeah, that's how good a sale this is. But then I noticed these babies. Casadei!

I've been jealous of Shoeperwoman Amber's amazing Casadei Blade pumps since, like, forever, but I never even considered buying them myself. Not just because of the hefty price tag, but because they're satin. And how often do you get to wear satin shoes in Belgium? I would be crushed if it rained on such pretty shoes... But these Casadei 8129 peep toes are leather patent, and thus a bit more waterproof and resistant. And still have that amazing bladelike heel!

So you already know what happened, right? I canceled everything in my order (except for a pair of overly cute Rocket Dog slingbacks) and pushed these ones in. In fact, who am I kidding, I pushed both the pink and the black in, since I couldn't decide between the two colours. I was soooo tempted by those glorious neon pink ones, but I know that in the end the black was the better choice. Who knows how long bright pink shoes will be appropriate in my life?
Best part: at £174 these were so heavily reduced (almost 60%) that they suddenly fit into my personal budget (luckily it's just the beginning of the month). Plus, the shipping was free! Yeay! So, like I said, go pick out something nice for yourselves too.

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