Wednesday, 8 August 2012

One two three

This is what happens when I have a couple of days off from work: I arrive at my desk, only to be greeted by lots of packages. I can think of worse ways to start the day! I'll keep it short and sweet, and will let you enjoy the photos of my latest purchases. All sales, obviously.

First up: blue slingbacks (avec bow, of course) from Rocket Dog. They're a bit snug, even if I was convinced that my Rocket Dog booties are a size 4 as well, but they fit, so no problems there. The electric blue is stunning though.

Also: leopard courts from Blink. I had my doubts about these, as they're a bit too shiny up close, but they look fine when they're a bit further away. By which I mean, on my feet.

The grand finale: the biggest score ever. They are pure dynamite. Sheer perfection. I might just display them in my living room...

I just have to be careful that I don't accidentally drool on them. Now all that's missing is a pair of Loubs for them to make friends with!


  1. You know me and high heels, but I'm not even sure I could easily walk in those Casadei's (as gorgeous as they are)! They look virtually impossible to walk in...are they?

  2. In fact they are a lot more comfortable than I expected them to be. I won't say they walk like a pair of ballet flats, but for such a high heel and no platform, they are still doable. Good thing too. :)