Monday, 20 August 2012

Shoe challenge #50: Swoosh

Number fifty already! That deserved a new dress!! (I'll take any excuse) Don't you just love wearing new clothes for the first time? This dress is one out of this series of three, and as soon as I saw that cute little pink belt (in the product photos I could've sworn it was red) I knew right away which shoes I wanted to wear with it.

I hope you can see why I now own not one but four versions of this dress? It's just such a flattering shape, and I think this turquoise number will turn out to be my absolute favourite of the lot. The fabric is a bit heavier, a bit more structured than the other three, which gives the full skirt a nice "swoosh".

I was twirling in the hallways at work, I couldn't help myself. It helps that the sun has been shining like crazy in little old Belgium, and I have been feeling giddy like a small(ish) child.

I'm well proud that I managed to wear these shoes with something else than my heart printed dress. Also, expect to see the two other dresses real soon.

Dress and belt Dorothy Perkins / shoes Barbara Bucci (seen here)

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  1. Love that dress, it's so flattering!
    I really, really want it!