Friday, 24 August 2012

Shoe challenge #53: Red lace and cherries

I thought of this outfit as my "grown-up" look. You see, my boyfriend always jokes that I dress too young for my age. Apparently, it's because I wear so many colourful things. Well, what does he know? I try to explain again and again, that just because a lot of people dress mainly in blacks, blues and greys and I prefer pinks and purples and yellows, it doesn't mean that I dress too young. I exactly don't consider myself "mutton dressed as lamb" just because I love bright clothes. I don't think you would find my typical style in the wardrobe of a 16-year old. They dress in a much more casual way. While part of my personal style is the tendency to be overdressed. I'm almost always in a dress and high heels. I'm almost always match my shoes to my belt and the rest of the outfit. That outfit just happens to be colourful most of the time. So whenever the boyfriend says stupid things like that (still love him though, obviously), I tell him that it's not that I dress too young, but that my look is just a bit more cheerful than what people are accustomed to.

That said, my "grown-up" look. I call it that mainly because the combination of a button-up with a pencil skirt makes me feel like a proper business lady. (not that I'm into business, mind you) It makes me feel professional. And then I have to ruin the credibility by pairing it with plastic cherry shoes and a leather motorcycle jacket. Because that's just me, that's what I do.

My cherry Lady Dragons must be one of my favourite pairs of shoes ever, not only because they are majorly pretty and smell nice, but because they were truly a steal. Thanks to what can only have been an error on the Asos site, I scored these for a mere € 45 or something. I saw the strange price drop in my wishlist at just the right moment, and I pounced on it. Only minutes later, the price was back to the way it was before, about five times as much as what I had just paid. Score!

Skirt Mango / shirt Zalando / shoes Vivienne Westwood x Melissa (last year's challenge)

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  1. I like this outfit on you...a little different from what you usually wear, but lovely all the same. I beat you with the LD Cherries, I got mine for FREE! The only pair of shoes I've ever been gifted with as a blogger...I was (and still am) ecstatic about that!