Sunday, 26 August 2012

Shoe challenge #55: Party time. Excellent!

Instead of just celebrating my birthday on Friday, I decided to have an entire birthday weekend! We started out with a bbq at my place, with lots of my friends (the yard was way too small for so many people!), and afterwards we went to a local festival "Maanrock", which is held in my town every year around my birthday. It's so sweet of Mechelen to organize a party for me! Of course the boyfriend and I took some outfit pictures before people started arriving.

Yesterday was the first time I wore my new petticoat, and I was pleased to see that it didn't look ginormous. I was quite apprehensive about it being too much, but the difference with the tule underneath is quite subtle, I like it! When you click the link at the bottom, you can see how the dress looks without a petticoat and as pretty as the dress is on its own, I don't think I'll ever be wearing it without the petticoat anymore. I'm sold!

I did feel a bit like Scarlett O'Hara, as it took some time getting used to the rustle and the moving around when you're bigger than you normally are. Especially the sitting down part (on the floor, as we were having a bbq picnic) was tricky.

While I have already cleaned the entire house (it was a mess!), the boyfriend is still K.O. on the sofa. The poor dear. I think he's coming down with something, as he hasn't been feeling well for a few days now. I'm still feeling great though, so I hope it's nothing contagious... After all, there are shoes that need to be saved!

Dress Hell Bunny (seen here) / petticoat Amazon / shoes New Look (last year's challenge)


  1. Emmm, AMAZING!! LOVE the dress with the addition of a petticoat, completely transforms it (not that it wasn't gorgeous enough before). I really need to get myself a petticoat, do you mind me asking for the ebay link/seller at all? Sometimes they can be super expensive even on ebay! Hope you've enjoyed your b'day weekend!

  2. Hey Gemma, I seem to have been mistaken, I actually ordered it through Amazon: