Friday, 3 August 2012


I love these. In a OMG I LOVE THESE!!! kind of way. I heard that Jeffrey Campbell's Nightwalks aren't all that hard to walk in, but I can imagine the star definitely helps for extra stability. It also adds a bit of a fairytale vibe to these otherwise rather plain (as plain as JC can go) wedges.
So far I've only found these at Karmaloop, and I have promised myself to not by from the States for a little while, but if that won't hold you back, you can get them here. They're $190, which is not bad for a very distinctive shoe. You know they're the perfect shoe to start the weekend with...

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  1. It kills me that certain JC's can be so hard to purchase outside of the US (although I have to praise Office for their growing selection right now), absolutely love these!