Monday, 17 September 2012

Recent eBay scores

Oh, how I love myself a good eBay score. I've been scouring eBay a lot lately, and I've made some pretty exciting purchases as well. What I've noticed though, is that not every eBay seller knows how to market his product. And I learned how to take advantage of that. Let's take the example of a pair of really "hyped up" shoes: the red Kurt Geiger Minnies with the polka dot bow. So the best description in the title would be something like "Red Kurt Geiger Minnie with polka dot bow". Simple, right? If everyone would post their items like that, all my automatic searches would work perfectly.

But, like I said, not everyone lists their items as clearly as that. So what I've discovered is that it really pays off to just go through the lists manually. It's time-consuming, yes, but that's how I scored my red Carvela Grass wedges, some red Minnies, a second pair of Ted Baker Keanahs and some Kurt Geiger London glitter Cabalahs. All of which I would have missed out on if I had only looked at the eBay alerts in my mailbox. And on the plus side: I got real bargains on all of these, since not many people "found" them. Those Grass wedges are very much sought after in red, as they have sold out nearly everywhere. They were listed as "Carvela by Kurt Geiger red suede peeptoe wedges UK Size 4". Not surprisingly, I was the only bidder and I scored them with the starting bid. So take my word for it, eBay is full of hidden treasures, just waiting to be uncovered...

A little list of my conquests (keep in mind that I usually pay about £10 for shipping extra):
Carvela Grass: £50 (retail price: £140) - worn maybe once, look as if they were tried on in the store
Kurt Geiger London Cabalah: £37 (retail price: £225) - same as above
Ted Baker Keanah: £35 (retail price: £80) - never worn, stickers still on the soles
Miss KG Minnie: £44 (retail price: £80) - never worn

Remember, all of these listings did not include the actual name of the shoe in the title. I've currently got my eye on another pair of Kurt Geigers, also listed without a name or a good description, so you better not whisk them away from me!

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