Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Shoe challenge #61: 50s rock chick

I love me some 50s dresses, but ever since I got myself this amazing petticoat, I'm even more in love with this particular silhouette! For a night out with friends on Friday, I went all out with sky high heels, my faux leather jacket from Zara and some red red lippy. The boyfriend hates it when I wear lipstick, so my Bourjois Sweet Kiss tubes don't get nearly enough use out of them! (I'm wearing Rouge sur Mesure in these photos, but I also own Fuchsia Cosmopolite and both colours are very vibrant and long-lasting) He still humoured me by taking these pictures though, so thank you sweetie!

As soon as I arrived in the pub one of my best friends referred to these as my "stripper shoes". And I can't exactly blame here, because they are very much on the verge of being tacky or slutty. But I adore them nonetheless. They don't pinch, they don't rub, and I don't really feel the height when walking in them, which makes these Asos slingbacks one of the most comfortable pairs I own, even if they don't look like it.

We're still enjoying some lovely sunny weather here in Belgium, but Friday was particularly windy and chilly, so I had no choice but thrown on a jacket with my dress. It's a bit shorter than my other Hell Bunny dress (because I had it shortened, as it was way too long on me originally), which is why you can see the petticoat sticking out a bit, which I rather liked. But mostly, it's the half-naked ladies on the dress that always strike everyone's attention.

I managed to save two more pairs this weekend, and am saving a pair today, so I'm guessing there will be back-to-back shoe challenge posts coming up these next few days. Hope you don't mind!

dress Hell Bunny (seen here and here) / jacket Zara (seen here)
shoes Asos (last year's challenge)


  1. Ooh I really need to take part in the shoe challenge. Maybe as a new years' resolution?

  2. Do it! I find it rather liberating to have to make those tough decisions. If shoes (or clothes, for that matter) don't get worn, pass them on to a friend, donate them, sell them or throw them away. I had shoes in my collection that were so battered up I was ashamed to wear them outside, but I held onto them anyway. Not anymore! Besides, it forces me to wear some of my fancy "party shoes" (think satin, glitter and sequins) for random occasions, which is always funny. :p