Friday, 7 September 2012

Shoe challenge #64: Floral

With statement shoes like these, especially if they have a lot going on (like these), I tend to keep my outfit as non-fussy as possible. But, being who I am, I couldn't resist a bit of colour clashing with the orange dress and the red belt. This was a perfect work outfit for a sunny day, simple and comfortable, yet very bright and cheery.

These Northern Floral wedges provoke pretty strong reactions: people seem to either really love or really hate these shoes. My male coworker who I share an office with, has said multiple times that these are his least favourite shoes. The boyfriend said they were the tackiest pair he's seen me wear so far. Pretty harsh criticism, isn't it? Then again, girls really dig them. Maybe it's just the girliness of them throwing the men off? After all, Irregular Choice shoes aren't for everyone and these shoes do pile on the embellishments: a floral printed wedge, teal suede, orange contrast stitching, a floral printed bow, an orange lace bow, and some cherries on top... What do you think? Are these simply too much? (Not that I would love them any less for it, mind you)

dress Dorothy Perkins (seen here and here) / belt from peplum top New Look
shoes Irregular Choice (last year's challenge)


  1. No such thing as too much! I love these, they're fabulous! x

  2. I like the style, but the colors are not for me. You pull them off well though :-) (BTW, sorry for the comment overload. I will only try this once this time. Haha)

  3. Personally I always thought those wedges would've been perfect without the orange lace bit. The big bow and even the cherry would be glorious, but without the orange-that was the sole reason I never bought them. They are still lovely though and the orange perfectly compliments your dress.

  4. @Roisin: Thanks! That's generally my opinion as well.
    @Rejoice: Haha, better luck this time apparently!
    @Gemma: I know, I have thought time and again about cutting the orange bits off, but in the end, they don't bother me that much anymore.