Sunday, 16 September 2012

Shoe challenge #70: Minnie Mouse

Just a quick update and ditto shoe save. The boy has been home from hospital since Friday, and we've been taking it easy this weekend, to let him properly recover. So far we've been mainly playing vegetable on the couch, sleeping lots and eating lots. But today was car free Sunday, so we ventured out into the city centre for a little stroll and an ice cream. The weather was lovely, it would've been such a waste to not enjoy these last few rays of sunshine.

I got these Minnie Mouse-y flats just a couple of weeks ago, and this was the first time I wore them out. Boy, was that a mistake! Pinching happened on all sides, I'm afraid. It was torture to walk back home. At least I was happy with how the outfit looked. I emphasized the playfulness of the shoes with my trusty hotdog dress, which I've been getting a lot of wear out of.

dress Folter / cardigan Zara / shoes Rocket Dog

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