Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Shoe challenge #77: Dots on dots

Finally I can call these babies mine! I've been on the hunt for a pair of Minnies for a while now, and like a couple of other scores this month I'm pretty happy to be checking these off my wishlist. They're not quite as comfortable as I expected them to be (I'm usually pretty chuffed with the fit of Kurt Geiger shoes), but that's mainly because the inner sides are still quite stiff and rigid. It'll probably get better with more wear. That said, I'm a bit surprised by how big these look on my feet. Oh well, still pretty! I especially adore the oversized bow and the angular shaped heel.

As far as the dress goes, I can't even believe how long I've had it! For a while there it got stuck in my wardrobe, but since the big move last year this one has been going strong in all kinds of outfits. Like I said in the last challenge: the rushing drapes beautifully over my tummy, hiding possible food babies, which is always a huge plus. And I think the two polka dot prints work splendidly together, especially with the splashes of red. Very happy with this look, signature Daisy! As you can tell, I'm still being stubborn and refusing to wear tights, in spite of being almost blown away by the fall storms that have been hitting Belgium the last few days.

On other exciting news: my dad and my uncle are installing new furniture in my "shoe room" tonight, so you better be ready for a photo overload soon! The thought of displaying all my shoes and neatly colour coding my dresses is already making me giddy! I've got butterflies in my tummy just fantasizing about it. (my god, I am a freak)

dress 3Suisses (seen here) / belt New Look / shoes Miss KG


  1. Oooh, so much to say, firstly LOVE the outfit, the red and black polka dots and the shoes and dress are just all adorable and work so well together.

    Secondly, Belgium getting storms too? Been horrid here and a fishing village in the North of Scotland got this weird sea-foam stuff throughout the village and up the houses which looked like deep snow, soo strange but funny! We've just had high winds and lots of rain.

    Anyway finally, soooo excited about your room and want lots of pictures of it! We've been planning an extension for some time for our house and I'm hopefully getting a shoe-room, although I panic there isn't enough room for all my shoes in it and don't know quite what I can afford versus how I want it to look versus what's practical! I'm trying not to get too excited about before it actually happens, but I too feel giddy just thinking about it!

  2. Yes, the weather here has been horrendous these last few days. Lots of rough wind and rain. I'm so ready for summer again. :)