Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Shoe challenge #83: Neon

Old photos, again. A week or three ago I was lucky enough to catch one last day of (tentatively) sunny weather and I immediately whipped out these Not Rated peep toes, which, having light fabric uppers and it being well into September already, were in dire need of saving.

These are exactly the kind of shoes that I love. Elegant, in a totally-in-your-face kind of way. Without the neon, these would just be pretty (very pretty even), but with it, these are amazeballs. I implemented my usual tactics: if the shoes are too much, pile on more on top!

Obviously I also love the attention they get from people on the street. And I'm pretty sure these could save lives (well, mine at least) in traffic, seeing as they're so bright, it's impossible for drivers to miss me on my bicycle!

dress Folter (seen before) / cardigan Mango / watch Kipling / shoes Not Rated

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