Sunday, 29 August 2010

Shoe challenge #1: With a flash

My shoe idol Shoeperwoman launched her very own Shoeper Shoe Challenge back in January. Goal: wear all your shoes at least once in a year's time. Sounds simple you think? There's a catch. The ones that don't make it in the challenge will have to find a new home. Of course you need proof, hence the photo's.
As my own closet is getting littered with more and more shoes, I too shall endeavour on this journey. Behold, shoes number one! These are the youngest additions to my collection: black patent wedges from New Look. I never really cared for wedges (these are the only ones I own), but the shape of the heel reminded me a lot of Louboutin's Very Very style. And obviously the Master must be obeyed. To go out for a few drinks with my friends last night, I combined them with my favourite little black dress:
Dress (Zara, ancient); belt (H&M), tights (H&M)
Yes, those are tights. I was wearing tights in freaking August! You know how they always say England is cold and wet? Yeah well, Belgium lives right next door. But hey, if you need to wear tights, at least make a statement out of them.
As you can tell, I'm not too big on accessories, mainly because I'm too lazy. Just a pair of purple earrings that match my glasses, my trustworthy watch (I don't get how almost nobody wears wrist watches anymore!) and an 80's inspired belt, that's all I needed to feel like I made an effort. It's all in the head...


  1. I loved your outfit! And the tights, ooohh, so lovely, a color that I really love! Living in London gave me loads of confidence about "what to wear". Where I currently live, if you dress just a bit - really, a "bit over" (it's never over if we feel good!) -, I mean, styled, cared, but basically colorful... people stare at you as if you just came from Saturn. I shouldn't feel thaaat bad, but within the years I confess I started to feel like if I were at the zoo - and I would be the attraction... strange feeling. It's not like this in London, I felt and always feel so good there...
    So after explaining you this, now it makes even more sense why I loved your tights and the way you matched everything - loooovely shoes, you look lovely, congratulations (and for the nice intelligent blog as well!)

  2. Ooh, thank you for the wonderful compliment! I LOVE these shoes (I have the stiletto version, and they're one of my favourites!) and I also love the dress - and yay for another Shoe Challenge member!

  3. Aaaw, thank you both so much!

    And Shoeperwoman, I too own the stiletto version in pink. :)

  4. I love the pink tights! colored tights are my favorite LBD accessory, although definitely can't wear them in summer where I live hehe
    ou and yeay for Shoeperwoman and the shoeper challenge :D