Thursday, 2 September 2010

Pink is my new obsession

Forgive me fellow shoe lovers, for I have sinned. These shoes are pure blasphemy. Yes, they're shoe porn in the truest sense of the expression, but they are oh so wrong. What could possibly be so wrong with hot pink rockchick (rockchique?) shoeboots, you ask? Well, just the fact that they are blatant copies of these little wonders. Yes, Louboutin. Again. What can I say, the man is a genius!
Anyway, our beloved shoe God doesn't exactly handle democratic prices (see link above for proof), so all this time I could only long for these shoes. And oh, how I've wanted them. Ever since I saw them a couple of years ago ('07 or '08). It was actually one of my friends who pointed me at them, saying that if I were a shoe, I would be that shoe. What a compliment, huh?!
At 550 euros, I simply cannot afford the real thing. But I knew that I wanted hot pink shoeboots for Winter. I idly started searching eBay, and guess what, these popped up! I know it is not right to buy copies, but at least this buyer didn't even pretend they were real. No Louboutin was mentioned. The price was ridiculously low, even with shipping from China.
They arrived today (after only a week and a half's wait) and they are gorgeous! I'm so glad I bought these. Obviously they're not high quality, but they are simply irresistable. They are full-on C'est moi, except for the leopard interior and the little zip at the side. Which I actually prefer to the strip of stretch on the real thing. They even have the signature sexy red soles!
So if you will excuse me now, I'm going to try and not feel guilty about these and just enjoy them. Yes, I'm wearing them right this instant. You must have known I would slip them right back on after I took the pictures!
Nowadays, everyone seems to have a 'blogdog'. So I thought I would show you mine! My Jack Russell Kenzo just loves the camera (well actually, he loves the flash. a lot.) and he has mastered the skill of admiring shoes from a safe distance and looking cute all at once. Good doggy!


  1. I wouldn't trust my dog to be so near to a pair of Louboutins!

    Yours is clearly better behaved :)

  2. sorry, i have blatently copied you and ordered these. Really liked yours and couldnt resist! X

  3. Hahaha. No worries Tabitha, I'm pretty sure we won't run into each other at a party wearing the same shoes. ;) Hope you love them as much as I do!

  4. I have these!
    Just discovered the blog and loving it! :D

  5. Just ordered these too! :) wow cuteness!! and the dog is too!
    Amie x