Thursday, 9 September 2010

Shoe challenge #5: Bitchy vamp minus the attitude

Shoes (Faith), everything else (H&M)
Yes, this is one more all-H&M jeans and sweater post, I am sorry. The weather has been dreadful this week and it has been raining every morning. Because of it I have yet to wear my new hot pink shoeboots and my Irregular Choices, so believe you me, I'm suffering most here.
These are from Faith and I saw them first on Shoeperwoman (she talked about them here, where you can actually read my gushing about how much I loved them). They reminded her a lot of Louboutin's Lady Page and I have to agree. I love the look of them and I don't mind them a bit toned down with jeans.
Zipper detail
I usually call these my bitchy vamp heels and I consider them to be a bit of a statement shoe. Which, obviously, makes the most impact when you can actually see it. But I had no choice but to go on team jeans again, bleh. So there's hardly any attitude here...
I actually rarely ever wear these and that's simply because they are quite poor quality. They are very 'plasticky' and started to show signs of wear almost instantly. But, as they are my one and only pair with pointy toes, I couldn't not protect them from shoe heaven.

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