Sunday, 12 September 2010

Coming to you soon in a Shoe Challenge post

I guess you do get what you pay for
My creme secretary booties finally arrived from China and I'm very disappointed to admit that they look extremely cheap. The uppers are fine, it's just that the heel is shiny plastic and it shows. But well, maybe I'll get away with it, luckily they actually were very cheap.
I'm a lot happier calling these mine though:
Hello lovers!
Yes, those are the Pigalle lookalikes I showed you a while ago. My sneaky friends bought them behind my back and I was completely surprised to get them as a belated birthday present at my BBQ last night. This is how happy I was:
Yes, I'm hugging the shoes.
As if you never do!
I think this shoe is amazingly sexy and yet a great look for the office as well. They're already a size up from what I usually wear and they run a bit small (well, I have wide feet), but for shoes this pretty I would sacrifice a toe. So thank you girly friends, I love them!

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  1. These shoes are really hot!
    Of course my size isn't available anymore...