Monday, 20 September 2010

Shoe challenge #8: Halfway there

Purple jeans and sweater (H&M),
scarf (Bombay market) and shoes (Bangkok market)
My colleagues' first reaction this morning: how low my shoes were. I do believe the look on their faces was disappointment. Truth is, I just didn't feel like wearing sky high heels today, after a busy weekend and all. Yes, those days do happen. Very rarely, but still. While picking out shoes I realised I hardly own any midheels, next to stilettos and ballet flats.
I bought these blush court shoes in Bangkok, after three months of backpacking in Birkenstocks. (Yes, I'll have to show you those at one point or another as well) They were ridiculously cheap of course (4 euros to be more precise),  meant to wear on the flight home (since it was considerably colder in Belgium compared to when I left) and hardly worn ever since.
They are enough of a nude shade to lengthen the legs though. And we all know my legs need a good lengthening, with me being 5' 3" and all. Yes. I am an undercover leprechaun. Don't tell anyone.

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