Saturday, 20 November 2010

Chunky black mary janes, check!

Since I'm a mere Belgian, far away from the affordable Forever 21, getting my hands on these chunky goodies was an idle dream. And these Carvelas I showed you a while back are just too expensive for me right now. So, I did what every greedy fashionista would do: I turned to my good friend eBay. And look what I found:

Budget option
To be entirely honest, I was digging the whole patent leather/chunky heel thing more, but if there's something I like on a shoe (besides, like, everything) it's satin. Especially black satin, since I don't have a shoe like that in my collection yet (as opposed to cobalt blue, fuchsia, purple, yellow, pink).
Things I would've liked better as well: a higher heel, a platform, a slightly rounder toe, a double strap instead of a single one. Things I do like: the price!

I can just imagine wearing them with my new yellow poodle jacket and some coloured tights.

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