Saturday, 20 November 2010

Shoe challenge #28: Grey matches the weather

 Sweater (New Look),
belt (Bandolera), jeans (H&M)
and shoes (Dorothy Perkins)
There are no words for how much I love this new sweater. Looooove. Adoooorbs. If you want to give me one in every colour, please do! It's actually waaay to big on me, which is why I decided to use this fierce belt I had lying around to create a waist and close it up in the front at the same time, since it's like, getting pretty cold over here in this part of the world.

I love the clash between the textures
While I was pondering about which shoes to go with this sweater, I realised the snake print on these pumps would perfectly with this grey, which has some specks of deceiving green in it. I didn't buy these shoes myself, they were a donation from a friend who couldn't take two steps in them. I have heard of the 'no white shoes after Labor day' rule, but hey, they are more cream than white and we don't even have such a holiday in Belgium! So I can do whatever I please!
It might not have been the most polished look ever, but lord was I comfy. My office roomie and I now refer to this sweater as the cuddly sweater, since it's so soft I can't even resist cuddling myself from time to time!

Made for each other

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  1. Love the sweater, and since I live somewhere that does observe Labor Day, I don't think you'd be breaking the "no white" rule with those shoes either. They look more "winter white" to me. :)