Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Shoe challenge #25: Pink makes me happy on a rainy day

Pullover (H&M), skirt (Asos),
tights and shoes (New Look)
I got this skirt a month or two ago in the Asos sale, but I never got around to actually wearing it. Yesterday I felt like a complete sloth and went to work in purple jeans, an old sweater and pretty much flat shoes (I'm lying, they were still about 3 inches high). So today I thought I needed to make a little more effort, keeping the colleagues happy and stuff. The fact that I'm meeting up with my speeddate-date, who might be quickly turning into a BF, later tonight, stimulates my motivation to get dolled up as well. To be completely honest. Of course. Or something like that.
Anyway, since it was still just a regular day at the office and we had our weekly meeting with the entire editing staff, I did decide to keep it somewhat simple: black shoes, black tights, black turtleneck, matching fuchsia Swarovski earrings. I love the clash of the almost fluorescent pink against the black. For a moment I was thinking about whipping out my fuchsia handbag but I decided against it, because of the fuss of having to move all my junk from one bag to the other.

Trusty old faithfuls
Whenever I don't exactly know which shoes to wear (having so many options), these black mary janes are the ones I automatically reach for. They are undoubtedly comfy and go with practically anything. These were my very first platform shoes, and I can't believe I actually hesitated about buying them two years ago, because I thought their porn factor might be too high. Man, have I evolved since then!
I usually find it very bothersome and annoying to wear linnen, but with this skater skirt I don't really mind it being a bit wrinkled. In a way, it seems appropriate for a bright fuchsia mini to be a bit dishevelled, instead of nicely ironed. I received a lot of 'wtf is she wearing?' looks from both bypassers on the street and colleagues, but in the end, I think the compliments conquered. And I loved the little edge of hot pink peeking from under my teal coat, and it has kept my good mood alive all day.
This skirt is why I love my age so much. At the moment I'm at a really good place in my life, with a job I love and a confidence that needed to grow over the years. I have reached the age to be courageous enough to try new things fashionwise, even if other people don't love it, and I'm still young enough to be able to get away with pretty much anything. Even if it's a hot pink mini.
I do know this is a very text heavy post, but it wasn't until after taking closeup pictures of my shoes that I realised how beat up these shoes really are. They are in desperate need of replacement...

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