Monday, 15 November 2010

Shoe challenge #26: Professional Barbie

Dress and tights (H&M),
cardigan and shoes
(New Look)
These heels have a very distinct burlesque feel to them, what with the vibrant fuchsia, the luscious satin, the ruffles and the platform. They tease: when seen from the front, they don't hold much more than the hot pink, but when seen from the back, they're very sexy. Not too long ago I was revolting against heels with skirts, but after these, I guess I'm reformed.

£23 - most recent purchase
I decided they might be the perfect item to spruce up this otherwise rather boring, slightly severe-looking outfit. I bought the dress while I was jobhunting, thinking I would probably need to look professional in the work space, but always felt it was too dressed up for my current job. And possibly too grown up for my age. Anyway, I pulled business grey and burlesque fuchsia together and called it 'professional Barbie'. Which made my colleagues laugh. Two strikes in one!

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  1. SEXY SHOES!!! Just came across your blog and loved it!!!
    Do drop into mine when time permits!!!