Tuesday, 14 December 2010

The Lita dilemma

Black glitter Lita ($160)
Up till now, I haven't been a big fan of Jeffrey Campbell's Lita style boot. I've been seeing those, with all kinds of uppers, march around the fashion blogosphere and all I was able to think is how heavy and clumsy they look. That is, until I saw the glitter versions at least.
The silver and multicoloured sold out within hours, to the great dismay and sadness of a lot of girls and women, I'm sure. I liked the glitters a lot better than the 'fur' ones, but still I wouldn't have worn them. These black ones however, defo! Even if they would make my already short legs to appear almost nonexistent. The price we pay for beauty...
Also very cool, this style with all tons of buckles on them. Same shape, different execution.

Wrecker ($255)


  1. I want a pair of lita's sooo bad! The black glitter ones are PERFECT!

  2. I totally agree...I was never in love with the Lita until the glitter one appeared...


  3. wrecker!! after finding out i can walk in the Danys...i know these are definitely do-able!!