Tuesday, 14 December 2010

I heart Dany

Dany by Jessica Simpson
US: JS website
Europe: Amazon
Look what arrived in the mail earlier this week?! These were actually the first to arrive after my massive shopping spree, but I lacked time to photograph them earlier. So under the motto 'Better late than never' I present to you one of my new loves. Not only did they arrive much sooner than anticipated, they came in a pretty sturdy box and were well protected in individual plastic bags.
I have fallen head over heels (haha) with these, they are even prettier than I expected. Even though they were pretty pricey (having ordered them from the US and all), they were totally worth it. The lush plum colour is heavenly.
True, I have yet to wear them, but once one they are surprisingly comfortable. With that ridiculously high platform, your feet are hardly elevated, as you can tell from the slope of my foot in the pics. I ordered an 8, but I could've done with a 7,5 or even a 7. Then again, I hate it when I'm wearing peep toes and my little piggies are balancing over the edge.
These make me lust after the pink Jeffrey Campbell sandals even more though, so I might have to wait and see what will go on sale after the holidays...

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  1. *drool*
    Saw these a while ago online, and I really wanted them. The contrast between the purple velvet and the wood platform is so cool :)
    They look awesome on!
    Congrats =)