Friday, 3 December 2010

Shoe challenge #30: A love-hate relationship

Boots (Le Coq Sportif),
everything else (H&M)
First of all, let me set the record straight, I do not like these shoes. Then why do I wear them, you ask? Well, because I do think they are kind of cool. But they are not comfortable. They may look like the most comfortable shoes in my entire collection, but believe me, that's just appearance. They are devious deceiving little monsters!
Every Winter I get these out to face the first snow. I put them on and I'm sure I can conquer any cold weather nature decides to throw at me. And then after an hour or so, they hurt. Let me be more precise: they start to hurt like hell. And in case of snow, I slip and slide. People think I'm completely bonkers, but I actually prefer walking through snow in high heels. I feel they have more grip (does not apply to ice mind you!) than flats.
These shoes have everything
I like the subdued craziness of these shoes: they feature four different materials, in brown, blue, beige, black and bronze. Which is why I bought them. Thinking they must be the most comfortable shoes ever in history. I was wrong. Very wrong. You probably won't see these again until next Winter.


  1. I have almost identical boots! What I find weird is that the sole is really thin and the sides are padded. So the feet get cold and the calfs warm.

  2. Oh, mine are really warm. Luckily. But they really rub and hurt the back of my feet. After an hour or so they become really painful to wear... :(