Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Shoe challenge #32: In which my legs caught a cold

Skirt (Struggles),
cardigan (H&M),
tights (Asos),
top and shoes (Dorothy Perkins)
All day I suffered jokes from my colleagues, saying my "legs were ill" and oh, did they need to call an ambulance for that? Luckily they made it up by loving my shoes. Shoes trump tights. Always. For yesterday's office outfit I went with muted colours, but still colours, as I've realised I have been wearing a lot of black again lately. I need to work my way back to my usual bright colour scheme, but for some reason, I keep forgetting that at 7AM in the morning. So, understated colours it were.
This skirt has been hanging in the back of my closet for years now. I ordered it too small for my bum and it never fit properly, but considering the high waisted trend nowadays, I can just hike it up and pretend it was born as a high waisted pencil skirt anyway. It actually has a slit in the front (quite high up, but still work appropriate. I think) and the denim makes it more casual, which came in handy when I went for food and drinks afterwards.

Close up
Shoes like these are right up my alley: they need no more adornment than a nice shape and a smashing colour. Works like a charm, every single time. I have tons of shoes like this, on days that I want to pop out without being to extravagant. I can surely recommend having a couple of pairs like these on hand for fashion emergencies! Right now they have sold out, but there's still a red (only size 4 though) and a navy version available.


  1. these are so hott! yes, i used TWO t's. that's right girl. PS: love your tights. i hope you told everyone who wondered about your legs' health, "yeah they're pretty darn sick. so back off or they might puke on you!!" or something actually witty. ;)

  2. I absolutely LOVE the colour!! It looks so cool with those tights!
    You have the funnest yet chic style :) love it!